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First time guest Sallie Kaye joins us to share what her experience has been like the past month as a STUDENT having real-time lessons on Soundjack! 

FastMusicBox Migration did not QUITE go as planned this week. Dr. P's rolling with the fall pedagogy courses. VocalFri Remembers Chadwick Boseman. 

The Fable of Singer A

The academic year has kicked off! Live streamed remote performances and new lectures for new school years. Dr. P tells us a bedtime story..."The Fable of Singer A."

Karen Brunssen

Our first Plural Publishing author feature! We host immediate NATS Past President Karen Brunssen to discuss the NATS summer and her book "The Evolving Singing Voice: Changes Across...

Season 4 Preview

Season 4!?!?!?!? How is that possible? It's a VocalFri mishmash. We have a SPONSOR! Listen for more. We've missed you #VocalFam!

Sarah and Dr. P revisit NATS National, talk a little more real-time music making on the internet, and of course, talk about Hamilton on Disney+. 

Low Latency Summer

The crew is back together to update the VocalFam on low latency online music collaborations and Dr. Howell's work. They give a final update on NATS National, and Dr. P...

Choose Love, Not Judgment

VocalFri addresses "The Webinar." Choose love friends. Not Judgement. That's how we'll navigate through this to a brighter future on the other side. 

Old School VocalFri! If you just need a break to hear some friends talk, we're here for YOU this week! A little discussion about what we've learned from online teaching and the fut...

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