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Heidi Moss

What an incredible conversation with soprano, scientist, and all around brilliant human Heidi Moss! This is one the #VocalFam does NOT want to miss. Stick around for our third inst...

NATS Executive Director Allen Henderson joins VocalFri to tell the #VocalFam more about the excellent programming for #NATSinKnox and our new podcast network, NATSCast! Super fun t...

Picard PhD episode 1 with Lieutenant Commander, Dr. Joshua Glasner. We break down the Star Trek: Picard premiere episode Remembrance. Also, Dr. Glasner gives the #VocalFam some con...

Seth Keeton: Song Helix

 #VocalFam Seth Keeton stops by to tell us about his amazing creation Song Helix ( If you EVER recital program, you do NOT want to miss this episode!

The End is the Beginning

Happy New Year #VocalFam! Dr. P demonstrates a range extension exercise. (around 32:00), our reviews of The Mandalorian finale and Doctor Who: Spyfall Part 1 & 2.

VocalFri's 100th episode!!! Our SUPER SPOILER Rise of Skywalker Review.

Rise of Skywalker Preview

VocalFri's Episode 9 predictions sure to go wrong!

We're All Gonna Make It!

VocalFri is making it through the wild's of voice life in December! Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop Registration is live. Mando Cafe 4! And Rise of Skywalker is so close we can ta...

Mando Cafe 3

A new voice Facebook group, we wrap up the Thanksgiving holiday, and Mando Cafe 3.

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